Trahison Chocolat, Chantal Degrève

We specialise in the manufacture of fine chocolate truffles.

you'll go nuts about this top-of-the-range product,
pure cocoa butter, 100% natural.

Our old-style recipes are unique and truly different.
Discover subtle and sometimes surprising flavours.
There are already about twenty different varieties to tease your taste buds.

About the product

1. Unarguable selling points

- Exclusive truffles for distinguished clients who prefer natural products
- High quality ingredients
- Original flavours and colours
- Belgian chocolate – pure cocoa butter (contains no vegetable fats)
- No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
- Made with salted farm butter (compliant with European food hygiene regulations) to give them “the” taste advantage
- A wide assortment of unique and sometimes surprising recipes
- Hand-made masses
- Advanced custom-developed technology allowing large-scale production and truffle filling
- Subtle and attractive packaging created by a designer: luxury image, transparent to ensure the product is visible, custom-made to suit the product, easy to store
- To be consumed within 6 months (store between 5o and 18oC)
- Custom-made products at the client’s request

2. Manufacturing process
- All the masses and fillings are handmade: chocolate is a noble ingredient that must be handled with care in order to obtain the desired texture, viscosity, colour and flavour
The main ingredients are Belgian chocolate made from pure cocoa butter, farm butter and fresh cream
- The masses are cooled on trays
- They are then added to a machine which shapes them and adds any fillings
- The truffles are passed through a cooling tunnel and coated with fine layer of chocolate
- They “fall” onto a turntable so that each can be individually decorated with the outer coating specific to each recipe
- Finally they are packed in bulk in 1.5 kg cellophane boxes

3. About the truffles
- Shape: Almost round (rustic appearance)
- Size: Approximately 3 cm
Weight: +/- 16g (6 truffles per 100g)